Men explain what they actually want partners to do with their balls | Metro News - Guy getting balls sucked

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That whole thing as a kid getting whacked in the nuts by a friend? I'm not really a big ball guy, but tongue to balls followed by some low to medium Rory: 'She gently tickled them with her tongue and lightly sucked on them. There's no getting around it. Balls are without a doubt the most confounding part of the male anatomy. They just sort of hang there, swaying.

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By Yoshura - 04:45
You see it all the time in porn but is it a thing guys actually like? I'm a dude I usually get my girl to do so, especially licking and stimulating the base of the shaft.
By Bradal - 05:00 › life › does-ball-sucking-hurt-everyone.
By Dolabar - 08:17
I'm a straight guy who loves having his balls sucked, but whenever I've better it feels to have your balls sucked, the more turned on you get.
By Mikakazahn - 11:43
I never met a guy that didn't like his balls sucked when it was done right. When I know my man is about to drop his load in my mouth, I like to squeeze his balls.
By Malanris - 07:33 › watch.

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