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Three Acts there are a bunch of subliminal messages, mostly promoting Clone High. If you stop it at the right moment you find them both nude with only little. Female dancers are seen in skimpy swimwear, with pandering shots on their breasts and buttocks. Two teenagers attempt to have sex; their nudity is obscured​.

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By Vudal - 18:50
R/clonehigh: In the very last episode when Joan is sleeping with JFK, there's a few frames of nudity before she pulls the blankets up. If you pause it you can see​.
By Sashicage - 08:52 › pmwiki › › Recap › CloneHighS1E13Ch.
By Kilkree - 10:28
A page for describing Recap: Clone High S 1 E 13 Changes The Big Prom The When Abe walks in on Joan naked in bed with JFK, the first thing we see is a.
By Tonos - 10:19
Joan quickly pulls the covers of the bed she's in over her naked chest. Now this is Clone High Easter Egg - The "Nipple-Slip" That Wasn't.
By Kelabar - 03:26
Try: Egg Opera!" Easter Egg in Clone High. Around the beginning of the word '​understand', Cleo and Abe will become naked for a frame. #5.

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